Last updated: October 1, 2018

These “TERMS OF USE OF THE ONLINE-IDENTIFICATIONSERVICE” (hereinafter called “TOU”, “terms”) apply to the use of the online person identification of SAVACT PTE. LTD (hereinafter referenced by such terms as “SavAct”, “we”, “us”, “our”).

The Online-Identificationservice (hereinafter called “service”) is offered and conducted by SavAct to existing or potential buyers of SavAct Tokens.

By selecting “accept terms and conditions” you declare to have read, understood and to accept the TOU and to be our customer. You are thereby bound by the TOU.

1. Terms regarding the Service

1.1. The service comprises the collection of personal data (cf. 3, “Collection of Personal Data”), followed by an online identification (cf 4, “Online Identification”) of you by us.

1.2. We reserve the right to commission an external agent to conduct the online identification in case that there are too many orders.

1.3. By using the service or in case of collection of your personal data on our website for this service (hereinafter “landing page”), you declare to have read, understood and to accept the TOU. If you do not agree to all the TOU, do not use the service.

2. Restrictions regarding the Service

2.1. The service is not intended to be used by persons that are not our customers. These persons are prohibited to use the service.

2.2. You acknowledge that foreign law may possibly be violated by using of the service. You further acknowledge that there may be import or export restrictions for the encryption algorithms, which you may violate when using the service outside of Singapore. You are obliged to inform yourself whether the use of the service from abroad is legal and to not use the service if in doubt. SavAct explicitly declines any liability in this regard and you forego the right, to the maximum extent of the law, to make any legal claims against SavAct. SavAct reserves the right to, completely or in parts, permanently or temporarily discontinue, restrict or block the service for all or individual users without noticing you.

2.3. Only official identification documents (hereinafter “ID-documents”) of countries listed in the list of countries on our information website can be used for the service.

2.4. You need a video-capable device with a high-resolution camera and microphone to ensure the appropriate image and sound quality needed for the service.

2.5. The procedure of the service can only be conducted in a language offered on the landing page (German/English) if you speak one of these languages. Other languages are not available for the service.

3. Collection of Personal Data

3.1. By entering your personal data (such as title, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, address, residence, e-mail and phone number) into a contact form on the landing page, you consent to storage and processing of your personal data for the specific purpose of the service. When using the service, you are obliged to only submit honest and correct data. After submitting your personal data, you directly receive an e-mail as confirmation of receipt.

4. Online Identification

4.1. The service runs via your verified e-mail address and includes a legitimacy verification (KYC) as well as a verification using the Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedure.

For the purpose of the identification service, your verified e-mail address will be linked to your ETH wallet. Only payments that you transfer from your linked ETH wallet are valid. Payments that are not transferred from your linked ETH wallet cannot be associated and considered.

4.2. After completing the payment, you receive an e-mail for the legitimation verification. The legitimation verification contains:

a. Comparison of the on the ID document shown information with the data that was sent via contact form

b. You must send a photo of you together with the shown ID document.

c. Subsequently, an audiovisual identification in real time may be necessary.

d. The completion of the online identification will be sent to you via e-mail.

5. Costs of the service

5.1. By using the service, fees of a network operator (e.g. internet or mobile provider) for using a phone or internet connection may arise. These fees are usually higher if you are using these services outside of Singapore.

6. Data Processing

6.1. Our general terms of business apply.

7. Warranty and Disclaimer

7.1. We cannot guarantee an undisturbed continuous and safe access to the service at any time. We do not provide the technical access to the service; this is solely your responsibility. You acknowledge that we use necessary security software (e.g. virus scan, firewall) for the service. We assume no liability, neither for network operators (e.g. internet or phone provider) no for the necessary security software. We provide no guarantees for the correctness, accuracy, reliability, completeness, confidentiality, immutability, and transmission time of all electronically transmitted data.

7.2. We do not accept liability for failures, security, availability of the service at any time, and possible losses caused by using or not using the service to the maximum extent of law. We explicitly decline liability for losses due to technical defects, interruptions (incl. system-related service work), transmission failures, breakdown or overload of our IT systems, our commissioned third parties, network operators (e.g. internet or mobile providers), as well as illegal interferences and willful blocking of tele-communication facilities and networks or due to other inadequacies of third parties (e.g. network operators). You forego the right, to the maximum extent of the law, to make any legal claims against us.

8. Amendments of the Terms

8.1. The terms may be updated or changed at any time without noticing you. The changes are only published on the landing page. The latest on the landing page published version always applies.

9. Communication / Privacy

9.1. SavAct is authorized notify or contact you in the context of the service via SMS, e-mail, letter mail, pop-up in the Videoident-App or via other means of communication.
9.2. You acknowledge that data, which is sent via public networks like the internet or email services, may be accessible to anyone. SavAct cannot guarantee privacy of messages or documents sent via such networks. Third parties may be able to access the data and collect and use the data without your consent. It may be possible that third parties are able to draw conclusions about existing or future card relationships or other business relations (such as banking relationships). Even if sender and recipient are in the same country, data transmissions via such networks are often carried out via third countries, i.e. via countries that do not offer the same level of data privacy protection as your domicile country. Your data may be lost or intercepted by unauthorized third parties during transmission.

10. Contact Information of SavAct

10.1. Contact information: SAVACT PTE. LTD., 23 New Industrial Road, #04-08 Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209, Homepage:

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

11.1. Applicable law and jurisdiction comply with the general terms of business.