This agreement is based on the accordance among the parties who recognize and agree with it.
All previous agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties and conditions are part of this document. There are no agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties, or conditions expressed or implied among the parties, except as explicitly detailed in this agreement.
Please note that SavAct is a company incorporated under the laws of the State of Singapore. The issuance of tokens requires prior approval by the Singapore Financial Market Authority. Approval has not yet been obtained.

Risk of mutual funds

Funds raised through fundraising are in no way insured. If they lose their value, there is no private or public insurance that buyers can claim.

Quantum computers

Technical innovations such as the development of quantum computers can endanger cryptocurrencies, including the coin and token of SavAct.

The risks of using new technologies

SavAct coin and token are a new and relatively untested method. In addition to the risks that were mentioned beforehand, there can be further additional risks that the SavAct team cannot anticipate. These risks may occur in other forms than those described before in this document.

SavAct coins and tokens are not collateral

As a user, you accept, understand and agree that SavAct does not provide collateral. You accept, understand and agree that ownership of SavAct token, as well as the coin, does not give the user any rights to receive any profits or any income or other payments or reimbursements from acquisition, storage, management or disposition, generation, reimbursements or expiration of any right, interest, name or benefit in SavAct or any other SavAct ownership, whether in whole or in part.

Excluded geographic areas

This Agreement is intended only for investors who are authorized to purchase tokens and in jurisdictions where the purchase of tokens is permitted by law. Persons who are citizens of the United States, the People’s Republic of China, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam or who are resident (for tax or other purposes) in one of these states, hold a green card for one of these states or are resident in a state in which American embargoes and sanctions apply, e.g. in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba or any other geographical area where the acquisition of SavAct tokens is prohibited by applicable laws, regulations, directives, treaties or administrative acts, are not entitled to acquire SavAct, a token issued by SavAct.

SavAct tokens and coin are not investments

SavAct tokens and coins are neither official nor legally binding investments of any kind. The contents of this document can be changed in the case of unforeseeable circumstances. Despite the fact that we intend to achieve all of the mentioned goals, any person, including a legal person, involved in the purchase of SavAct tokens or coin will do so at their own risk.


Blockchain techniques are part of the instruction and control of various rules and regulations wherever they exist. SavAct token and coin may, by itself, include one or more requirements or actions, including, but not limited to limitations on the use or possession of digital tokens or coins, which may slow down or limit the function or the repurchase of SavAct tokens and coins in the future

Waiver of income guarantees or profits

There is no guarantee that SavAct tokens or coin will be valuable. Price development is not guaranteed, expressly included in the context of unforeseeable events or events over which the developers have no control, or due to force majeure. The confidence in the SavAct system may also weaken, as confidence in other decentralized systems, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, diminishes, weakening the appreciation of SavAct tokens or coins.