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Token Address on EOS: token.savact

Token Address on BSC: 0xA7478E8A2D2D32C73974744F7E0E061DFc6441fB


What is SavAct?

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SavAct Part 1
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Get to know SavAct

We make everyone want to use crypto-currencies

Fraud Protection

SavAct enables independent protection against online payment fraud. This protection is based on an integrated mechanism that works without additional fees and does not require a central authority.


SavAct allows to upload decentralized websites that are saved on blockchains and are thus protected against attacks or censorship. They can be accessed through any modern web browser. Additional functionalities are integrated for artists and authors. 

Global Chat

Free speech is an important measure against scam websites and fake-news. Therefore, the SavAct browser provides a censorship-free comment section for any web page and its sub-pages. Web pages can be awarded with “likes” to generate additional income for the site owner. 


SavAct’s technology enables a voting system that can also be used to earn money. For example, content creators can improve their platform or channel by allowing viewers or readers to actively influence the content through the voting system. There are many creative ways to use and incorporate votes. The votes are executed with small amounts of coins and the choice that accumulated the highest amount won the voting.

Decentralized Websites as NFTs

Websites stored on blockchains are particularly secure and offer a high level of availability. Deposited texts, music, images and websites themselves are NFTs at the same time. This allows authors and artists to benefit from the resale of their works. SavAct creates incentives that give NFTs a real measurable value.

Token Distribution

The token sale contract has default settings that are fixed at the start of the sale.
The token amount is limited to 320,000,000.

Tokens can be reserved before the sale. These can be used to establish a charitable foundation, fund the development team, private investors and future projects. Future projects include those that use the token, enable additional features, and thus contribute to their distribution.

There is no public Pre-Sale. Instead there is only one big tokensale, where the price starts low and increases slightly with each sale. The exact distribution can be transparently tracked on the blockchain. The sale ends as soon as all tokens are sold.

Ecosystem Fund
Community & Marketing
Team & Advisors


You can learn more about SavAct and its features in our whitepaper.

For our public study which compares SavAct to established systems, check out our proof of concept.

And for our patent applications click the button down below.


Proof of Concept

Q2 2019

Surveys and market analysis

Q1 2020

Developing decentralized websites

Q4 2020

Developing decentralized token sales

Q1 2021

Binance bridge and listing on PancakeSwap

Q2 2022

Finishing the SavAct fraud protection

Q3 2022

Pomelo grants for the bridge and the decentralized websites

Q4 2022

Finishing the financial voting system

Q1 2023

Integrate FIAT payments

Q2 2023

Reach out customers

Q3 2023

Implementing the remaining areas of SavAct

Q4 2023




A single app for votes, payments, comments and decentralized websites.
Check out the alpha version of our SavAct Wallet at

With the app, you can participate in SavAct tokensales and visit decentralized websites or upload files to a blockchain. All files or websites uploaded to the blockchain can also be Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs).

The source code and a offline version of the app are publicly available at the GitHub repository of SavAct.

How to participate

Step 1

Purchase EOS on an exchange of your choice

Step 2

Fill out the sale form

Step 3

Complete the payment by using the provided transaction details
For more informations on how to participate in a SavAct tokensale click on the video.


The establishment of cryptocurrencies in online commerce

SavAct offers independent fraud protection for payments with cryptocurrencies that does not require a service provider, an intermediary, or an "oracle". Thus, for the first time, all the advantages of cryptocurrencies remain unrestricted and the use is as straightforward as a common payment method.


SavAct offers users its own decentralized payment solution, allowing the seller and the buyer to interact securely, without fear of fraud from one or the other side. SavAct is a cryptocurrency project that allows using a smart contract to bind goods, services and other products for payment only if the seller fulfills his obligations in a quality manner.

Cryptocurrencies are taking over social media

Ultimately, almost any content can be financed by means of voting. This new type of crowdfunding also makes it possible, for example, to vote on the development of additional content for a computer game or on the next research topic for a news platform.

SDC Data Logger

The SavWeb is based on a groundbreaking blockchain project in medical technology that was developed by the CEO of SavAct at the RWTH Aachen

Independent fraud protection in online retail? SavAct shows how it works!

Krypto Guru
The idea of SavAct hits the bull's eye through its realization by means of blockchain technology. Because the need for such a product exists everywhere in the world. There is often a danger that central instances such as states will undermine these free-thinking systems. Therefore, in today's world and the rapidly increasing digital applications, this tool is becoming more and more important.

Death of Altcoins: What comes after the storm?

This once again proves SavAct's potential to provide everyday people with free fraud protection when making payments with cryptocurrencies. Be it a farmer ordering fertilizer in the neighboring village or a farmer wanting to sell coffee to the world. Ultimately, this market offers a triple-digit billion amount and with the developed payment system, the lives of local people will become much safer and cheaper.

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