About SavAct

The only scam protection that maintains all benefits of cryptocurrencies

Have you ever paid with a cryptocurrency but never received the goods?
The paper of Bitcoin already mentioned the need of a third party – a trustee – to provide buyer protection. Buyer and seller would have to trust this third party that decides what happens with the payment in case of problems.
We present a new decentralized crypto technology that binds vendors to their offered goods despite anonymity or national borders. In contrast to previous approaches, this happens without involving any third parties whereby online trading can be trusted again.

Earn money as an influencer with votes instead of annoying your viewers with ads

SavAct’s technology enables a voting system that can also be used to earn money. For example, content creators can improve their platform or channel by allowing viewers or readers to actively influence the content through the voting system.
Votings can be shared in many forms, for example as texts in comment sections or masks in video streams.
The vote result can be used to decide over the direction of a Let’s Play or influence a suggestive live stream.
There are many creative ways to use and incorporate votes. The votes are executed with small amounts of coins and the choice that accumulated the highest amount won the voting

A patent to bring the community together

A patent application has already been submitted and the priority has thereby been granted. After the registration of a nonprofit organization the patent will be transferred over.

The patent serves as protection against a market flooding of coins with copied or similar principle. It will also strengthen our market position. We want to reach a permanent technological advantage against potential future competitors by means of continuous development.

A single app for votes, payments, comments and decentralized websites

Check out the SavAct Wallet at www.savact.app. With the app, you can participate in SavAct and visit decentralized websites or upload files to a blockchain.

The offline version of the app including source code can be found on GitHub SavAct.

Decentralized websites as NFT

Websites stored on blockchains are particularly secure and offer a high level of availability. Deposited texts, music, images and websites themselves are NFTs at the same time. This allows originators like authors and artists to benefit from the resale of their works. SavAct creates incentives that gives NFTs a real measurable value.